Jernej Kitchen: Photography is about portraying feelings.

If photos had taste, these would definitely be one of the most delicious ones. Jernej Kitchen is a unique creative duet. Jernej Zver is the mastermind behind this tasty and amazingly appealing food. His girlfriend Maja Galuf complements his food creations with beautiful photographs. Great food deserves amazing photographs and Maja does her job perfectly.

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Julia Kislev: I like my pictures to be happy

We turn to Instagram when we need a little dose of happiness. You can always find it there and Julia Kislev is one of those photographers that makes Instagram a happier place. She makes beautiful and mesmerising photos of colourful flowers and since we want you to be happy, we took a chance and asked her some questions. 

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Henni Rønde Knudsen: We're surrounded with beautiful details

How mindful are you throughout the day? How often do you stop to take a deep breath and observe the surroundings? Henni Rønde Knudsen is not one of those fast-paced people who tend to forget about the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Quite the opposite. She loves to take endless photos of this work of art called "nature".

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Alex Spatari: Even a tiny street can tell you lots of stories.

Inspiration is a key to great creation. 

We've met Alex a few months ago when he send us a breath-taking photo of a photo book he ordered from our app. Wow. 

That instant connection grew to admiration of his photos. We were instantly inspired! And we want you to be inspired too. So we've asked him a few questions.

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