Alex Spatari: Even a tiny street can tell you lots of stories.

Inspiration is a key to great creation. 

We've met Alex a few months ago when he send us a breath-taking photo of a photo book he created from our app. Wow. 

That instant connection grew to admiration of his photos. We were instantly inspired! And we want you to be inspired too. So we've asked him a few questions.

In search of true inspiration and motivation? Go travel.

I think the biggest inspiration for me is traveling. Exploring new places always gives me a lot of motivation to make new photographs. Every new city, little town, village or even a tiny street can tell you a lot of stories, you just have to open your eyes, look around and capture them.

Don't just take photos. Build memories. 

In the first place I'm taking photos for myself. I want to make a good memory and Instagram helps to keep it all together in a beautifully organised manner. The thing that many people who don't even know me in person like my photos is a great bonus for me and it also gives me a lot of motivation to shoot and to make my pics better and better.

Notice the things that are hardly noticeable. That's where the magic is. 

Try to always look at the world like you're going to take a picture even if you're not having your camera with you. When a person begins to photograph, he starts to look at things in a different way and notice a lot of stuff he haven't seen before. So when you start to actually see things without taking a photo, that's a good sign. Oh, and don't forget to clean you lens before taking a picture, that really helps! ;)

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