Share your Bookagram

Several past weeks have been very productive for us and we are happy to announce new Sharing options in our latest Bookagram App update!

How does it work?

It’s simple! Just tap the Share button on main screen and your Bookagram will smoothly land on nice wooden table with seashells!

Tap small images on the left and wooden table will be replaced with new one.

Don’t you just love how your Bookagram smoothly moves from one table to other? We can’t get enough of it and are playing with it constantly! :)

Tap Instagram button on the right and your Bookagram photo is ready to be posted on Instagram.

And the 3 dots on the bottom right?
You got it - more options for sharing your nice Bookagram photo! ;)

Try it, its fun!


PS: Got a friend who would like this? Please, forward her/him this blog post!