Julia Kislev: I like my pictures to be happy

We turn to Instagram when we need a little dose of happiness. You can always find it there and Julia Kislev is one of those photographers that makes Instagram a happier place. She makes beautiful and mesmerizing photos of colorful flowers and since we want you to be happy, we took a chance and asked her some questions. 

Julia says flowers are her #1 inspiration.

I capture flowers and nature. Flowers are my #1 inspiration. Whether capturing flowers in nature or creating still life, I like my pictures to be light, soft and happy.

You don't need to be a professional photographer to start. But you must be willing to learn.

I’m not a professional photographer and did not know anything about taking beautiful pictures before I started Instagram account. I’ve learned a lot from the extremely talented people there and I get a lot of inspiration from them every day. It’s a wonderful community.

Her favorite photography apps?

Instagram, PS Express and Snapseed

And great photography doesn't happen by itself. You must try different things to get better.

Good lighting and the right background are a must. Always try different angles and take multiple shots so you can choose the best one later.

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