Jernej Kitchen: Photography is about portraying feelings.

If photos had taste, these would definitely be one of the most delicious ones. Jernej Kitchen is a unique creative duet. Jernej Zver is the mastermind behind this tasty and amazingly appealing food. His girlfriend Maja Galuf complements his food creations with beautiful photographs. Great food deserves amazing photographs and Maja does her job perfectly.

We had a great honour to ask Maja some questions about her expression through photography. We’re happy to share her answers and their story below.

Maja finds inspiration in her everyday life.

I love exploring and observing details. These photographs often unknowingly connect into a whole and create an infinite stream of inspiration. My daily life is filled with amazing food. I have a chance of photographing this tasty food so I never run out of ideas.

The secret is in capturing the mood, energy and feelings.

Photography is a unique way of expression. Photos must be authentic but they also have to capture the energy, mood and genuine feelings. It’s my job to portray the feelings present when creating and tasting new dishes.

Great equipment isn’t enough for taking great photographs. The greatest secret is in capturing the human factor that attracts the viewer and feelings you want to portray.

A good knowledge of the camera can certainly help you create a nice photo, but not beautiful or perfect one. Beautiful photos are the ones where you can feel the human factor, the feelings and understand the story behind the photo even if that’s a portrait or a photo of a juicy apple pie. So my number 1 advice for better photography would be: Listen to your feelings, follow your vision, let your creativity flow and find your inner artist. 

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