Henni Rønde Knudsen: We're surrounded with beautiful details

How mindful are you throughout the day? How often do you stop to take a deep breath and observe the surroundings? Henni Rønde Knudsen is not one of those fast-paced people who tend to forget about the beautiful nature that surrounds us. Quite the opposite. She loves to take endless photos of this work of art called "nature".

As I mostly capture macro, I'm inspired by the beautiful details we all are sourrounded with by natures hand. For an example the different shapes and structures on the flower petals.

As a great photographer she has her favourite set of photography tools:

My 3 favourite photo apps must be: "Instagram", "Twenty20" and the photo editing app "Snapseed"

When trying to improve your photography skills, you should always challenge yourself:

My #1 advice for taking great photos must be to keep the photographing device (Camera or Phone) steady, to avoid blurred and shaken photos. A Tripod is a bliss. Try new angles and challenge yourself to improve new skills.

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