Nicola Campanella: Composition is very important for good photography

Amazing colours, beautiful composition, breathtaking shots. Nicola's Instagram profile is really a true work of art. It reminds you of the places you still need to visit and gives you that warm feeling when you stop and observe his photos.

Nicola's passion for photography started in the 1990s. 

I was working in the darkroom at that time. Ansel Adams and his books have inspired me a lot. Then I went from black and white to color, ranging from portrait to landscape passing through the Polaroid. I have to thank my great master Maurizio Galimberti for that.

Since that Nicola evolved a lot. His photography skills got better and better. His artistic knowledge had a lot to do with it.

My artistic knowledge (I attended art school) helped me a lot especially when it comes to shots and compositions, which I consider very important to get good photo along with the knowledge of photographic technique.

And his recommendation for photo apps?

Photoshop is definitely the best app for photography.

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