Silvia Kobelova: Look around carefully, be prepared and never give up

There are so many beautiful things around us. Everything just waiting to get captured on a photo so we can relive that memory again and again. But are you taking the time to capture the beauty of this world?

Silvia Kobelova is. And her photos are inspiring to all of us, missing the beautiful opportunities to stop for a second and enjoy the little things.

Mother Nature and my good friends inspire me. Photographers with the same passion inspire me. At the beginning I couldn’t believe I can take great photos like they do, but after a while I did it. It’s unbelievable.

Her favorite 3 photo apps are Instagram, Photo Editor and Snapseed.

She learned photography by herself. It wasn't easy, but you shouldn't give up.

My advice for taking great photos? Look around carefully, be prepared for taking a photo and never give up. Always keep trying. Ask for advice and be grateful when you get it.

Silvia really is a great photographer. You should definitely check out her photo book she made with Bookagram. It's astounding.