Hannah Minkner: My experience with design greatly inspires me

Push yourself forward. It's the only way to reach perfection. 

Hannah Minkner is a photographer, living in Phoenix, Arizona. She's a great proof of how design and photography can collaborate. It's a beautiful combination and she knows it. 

"I studied design in college, and up until a month ago was working as a graphic designer by day and a photographer on the side. My experience with design greatly inspires and directs me as a photographer!"

She's a perfectly normal girl who loves traveling, hiking, picnics and taking photos of unique landscapes she finds very close to her house.

"A Phoenix favorite is Papago Park, an unusual location in the middle of the city featuring large, red rock formations."

You aren't born to be a photographer, you must learn to be the best. And Hannah did just that. Her story is amazing.

"Less than year into working as a designer after college, I realised that I was not perceived as a photographer. I knew that it was my fault, since I did not push myself to learn or improve, and I was not working to shoot my ideal subject matter. I took a year to shoot and publish only work that would push me, and to make the best out of my simple gear through careful shooting."

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